Event Itinerary: 

8:00 am - 10:00am                Shuttles commence/early set-up

10:00 am - 11:00​​                    Opening Ceremony:
                                               ​Speech by Mayor Clay Madden
                                               Flag presentation and color guard by Mandeville Fire Dept.
                                               Pledge of Allegiance 
                                               National Anthem sung by Elizabeth Nuss
                                               MHS Alma Mater sung by Austin Bonefante
                                               Presentation by Blue Star Moms LA Chapter 1 -
​Gold Star Familes

​​​​​​​​​11:00 am until close              Bands perform, food vendor serves and shuttle service continue
                                                (see our Music tab for band performace schedule)​

7:00 pm ​​                                End of Reunion Event Shuttle Service Ceases

7:30 pm                                All waivers / permits removed
​​​​​Event Rules and FYI

Food can be brought, cooked and prepared or with use of gas grills only. Ice chests/coolers welcomed. Positively NO GLASS, CHARCOAL OR BOILING POTS!  Bring your tables, chairs, or blankets. Pop-up tents (10’ x 10’ or 12’ x 12’) welcomed. Stage will be set on the Lakefront near Lafayette Street. There are relief stations and hand-washing stations. Early birds will have their choice of tent space or set-up space, but not within 50 feet of the stage front.  Don’t forget your banner so others will know where to find your family/families!

Drinks and Food will be sold at food trucks and also a table with jambalaya and drinks. See that page for more details and information.  

Lakeshore Drive will be closed to parking in certain areas to be determined. Please check back to this site soon for more details. Shuttles will be provided up and down the lakefront area.  We suggest if you are going to be in this area, you set-up early before it is blocked off. Enjoy picnicking as we used to do in summers past & reunite with ole friends and make new ones.

Remember - Let's Keep Mandeville​​ Beautiful! PLEASE pick up your trash. 

Please come out and enjoy the day.
​It will be good to see you and your family under pleasant circumstances!


By visiting or participating in the Mandeville Family Reunion event(s), various games, contests, crowds of people, and equipment will be on site and the weather may be very warm or hot. You should not enter any games or events unless you are properly fit and medically able. Be aware of any potential risks and assume those risks. You or your family assume any and all other risks, foreseen and unforeseen, including, the effect of the weather, the condition of the area, and the increased chance of injury due to activity of this nature, any sickness including COVID virus. Mandeville Family Reunion, any and all sponsors and directors and officials and the City of Mandeville, it’s employees or directors, are not responsible or liable for any injuries or situations arising out of or in the course of any participation in this event. In the event that any photographs or videos are taken of you, they may be used in public media, websites, paper propaganda or social media.