​​Our "cause"
is to promote community, whether it is through our annual picnic,  supporting our military, first responders ​or improving our cemeteries.

     With the help of local business sponsors and dedicated residents, we are able to provide events ​​​​that everyone can enjoy, whether you currently live in Mandeville or just want to come back and visit. Please join us and share in the spirit of our beautiful home, Mandeville.

Mission Statement: Mandeville is a community that is populated by diverse groups whose common bond is the love for Mandeville’s scenic Lakefront. By setting aside a day where families and friends can come together to celebrate the essence of Mandeville - by enjoying a picnic, sampling the cuisine of local restaurants, and enjoying entertainment on the beautiful and historic Lakefront - it is our hope that the Mandeville Family Reunion of 2024 will further promote and enhance a sense of pride and community spirit. ​


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By visiting or participating in the Mandeville Family Reunion event(s), various games, contests, crowds of people, and equipment will be on site on public property. The weather may be very warm or hot. You should not enter any games or events unless you are properly fit and medically able. Be aware of any potential risks and assume those risks. You or your family assume any and all other risks, foreseen and unforeseen, including, the effect of the weather, the condition of the area, and the increased chance of injury due to activity of this nature, any sickness including COVID virus. Mandeville Family Reunion, any and all sponsors and directors and officials and the City of Mandeville, it’s employees or directors, are not responsible or liable for any injuries or situations arising out of or in the course of any participation in this event. In the event that any photographs or videos are taken of you, they may be used in public media, websites, paper propaganda or social media.

Please mail to and make all donation checks payable to:

     ​Heroes At Home 
     P.O. Box 1844
     Mandeville, La. 70470​
Or use our QR code or link below to donate: