​​​​​​​​Come out to the Mandeville lakefront and reconnect with family and friends!  It's a great opportunity for newcomers to meet the "old-timers".  ​​Enjoy the lake near Carroll & Coffee Streets and have fun with live music all day!  There is plenty of shade underneath the beautiful oak trees and under our large dining canopy! 

Enjoy the cool breeze that Mandeville has to offer, eat fantastic food and boogie with live music while catching up with new and old friends--at the Mandeville Family Reunion!

This Year's Location:  On the Lakefront near Carroll & Coffee Street​s
Sunday, May 26, 2024
Contests for some door prizes are given for the following categories:  Largest group/family gathered, most patriotic 
decorated tent / table​, most patriotic dressed person. 

​​Opening Ceremony begins at ​10am/ ​Closing Ceremony at 7:00pm  The reunion is a FREE event!

"Ain't There No More" Welcome Station with ​pictures and info
​If anyone has a deceased relative or friend, and would like their picture displayed on the memory board, please contact Susan Brady at 985 264-3014 

Open Picnicking Welcomed-(gas grills only)
​Coolers Welcomed (Positively NO Glass!)

Food and Drink Vendor Onsite
Comfort Stations / (potties / hand-washing stations on site)
​​Shuttle Service provided from public parking areas
Small tents/canopies are welcomed

By visiting or participating in the Mandeville Family Reunion event(s), various games, contests, crowds of people, and equipment will be on site on public property. The weather may be very warm or hot. You should not enter any games or events unless you are properly fit and medically able. Be aware of any potential risks and assume those risks. You or your family assume any and all other risks, foreseen and unforeseen, including, the effect of the weather, the condition of the area, and the increased chance of injury due to activity of this nature, any sickness including COVID virus. Mandeville Family Reunion, any and all sponsors and directors and officials and the City of Mandeville, it’s employees or directors, are not responsible or liable for any injuries or situations arising out of or in the course of any participation in this event. In the event that any photographs or videos are taken of you, they may be used in public media, websites, paper propaganda or social media.​​



​ MAY 26th
   on  the ​
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